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“Keep on doing what you love doing and

never stop dreaming”

My name is Kay Lynn, owner, and founder of Across the Board
Charcuterie, based out of San Antonio, Texas.

I have always loved entertaining in our home and I found great
joy in tablescaping for the holidays and our parties. I put my first charcuterie board together in 2019 as an appetizer for a dinner party in our home. I immediately saw the way it brought everyone together in such a beautiful comforting casual way. I listened to the laughter and conversation as they shared the charcuterie. I knew then that I wanted to share the beautiful experience charcuterie brings.

Fast forward to today and I have now made my passion a
reality. Bringing to you the comforting way food can unify us through charcuterie no matter the occasion. My mission is to
provide each of you with a unique, beautifully handcrafted touch to your next meeting, function, or social gathering with charcuterie. 


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